Bibliochaise by Nobody&co

I was just thinking how perfect this would be for my humble little apartment when I read the designer’s quote:

“Twelve years ago we lived in a tiny flat, full of books but with nowhere to sit. Problems are always the best inspirations.That same year we drew the first Bibliochaise: a cube in which to sit, with slots all around to put books in. Geometry is magic. Each time you draw a cube or a square, something wonderful can happen.”

Perfect summary. Apparently the chair can hold 300 books and (even more win) comes in a range of different colors. You can visit its home right here.

Time flies by so quickly, eh?

One time you’re learning baby steps and the next thing you know you’re going to be a high school student..

When Adele is sad, she writes a double platinum album and wins 6 grammies.


When I’m sad, I eat a pint of ice cream and gain 6 pounds.



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When you know someone that is actually too perfect for you…

As much as you want him you know you don’t deserve him..

… why

… why

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